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Best car scrap dealers in Noida

Leading Best car scrap dealers in Noida - Tirupati Traders

Looking for an instant car scrapping service with the best quotation then, contact Tirupati Traders is the best car scrap dealers in Noida. We offer you the most affordable price for your scrapped car and bike service. We are one of the best car scrap dealers in Noida and have been in this business for a long time. Constant hard work and well-trained staff have earned us a reputation in the market.

We keep the formalities to a minimum so that you don’t have to get engrossed in too much legal work. We ensure that your scrapped car and bike don’t end up in the wrong hands. Our team members are well trained to handle every scrap well and have complete knowledge about the entire process.

What to keep in mind before selling your old car scrap dealer in Noida?

Before selling your car to a car scrap dealers in Noida, you need to keep many things in mind:

  • 1. The very first step is to inform the RTO that you are deciding your car to get scrapped. Next is that you need to inform the car insurance company regarding it.
  • 2. Every vehicle has a chassis number which helps in the identification of the car. You need to submit your RC and chassis plate to the RTO.
  • 3. You need to collect your chassis plate from the scrap dealers after the scrapping process.
  • 4. The scrap dealers will help you with the other formalities and keep up with the legal work. The scrap dealer will survey your car very well and offer you the best quotation for your scrapped car.
  • 5. Once the process is complete, they will offer you instant payments and hand you over with the Chassis plate and identity card.
  • 6. Many car scrap dealer will also offer you photographs and videos of your scrapped car.

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